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02/04 Operators and Technicians.
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On-board service on railway maintenance machines.

Operation and maintenance of railway maintenance machinery, technical assistance, management of spare parts

The maintenance of each machine is a fundamental matter to guarantee long availability. To guarantee a high-quality maintenance, it is important to follow a pre-stabilized schedule connected to an individual maintenance report for each machine. Furthermore, for a professional execution of the maintenance, a workshop is needed. Early detection of problems allows repairs to be made before the situation worsens. Machinery that does not need to be taken offline for extensive repairs will avoid production interruptions. Regular inspections and analysis can be used to predict and prevent component failures that may create safety hazards and machinery breakdowns. The complexity of a railway maintenance machine requires a good trained and experienced crew, that manages to fulfill the daily production objectives on the worksite.

Why should you choose the On-Board service?

We try to offer a solution to the lack of operators and technicians for railway maintenance machinery all over the world. The On-Board Service focuses on production and operating the machines of our clients, ordinary and preventive maintenance, management of spare parts, technical assistance, decrease of maintenance and reparation costs and training of operators.

Inspection of the machine is carried out in accordance with a precise sequence that includes five phases

Through non-destructive instruments, internally developed procedures and acquired know-how, the workpiece is diagnosed as much as possible so that we may devise an eventual recovery plan for the complete functionality of the machine.  The following aspects are determined:
The current state of the machine
The machine revamping plan
The drafting of documentation for creating maintenance plans
The preparation of documentation for generating spare parts management

The technical team headed by the chief engineer take all drafted documentation in hand and commence the output service

Once all of the inspection phase activities have been completed, the technical team headed by the chief engineer takes all drafted documentation in hand and commences the output service. The objective of m2 is to provide an impeccable production service in respect of the mission entrusted by the customer to “...non-stop production...”. It is thus necessary to be: quick, precise and efficient.

Daily statements are produced, summarising the work completed on the machine

The information gathered from the notifications and reports is used for both the technical and economic analyses of the worksite and the service in general.

Fundamental to the company’s continuous pursuit of its objective is the transfer of knowledge to individual figures

Training must be considered as an entirely necessary investment factor for achieving business objectives.

Preventive maintenance: Don't start today by doing yesterday's work.