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Operation stage.

The operators team headed by the chief technician take all drafted documentation in hand and commence the output service

Once all of the inspection phase activities have been completed, the technical team headed by the chief engineer take all drafted documentation in hand and commence the output service.

The objective of m2 is to provide an impeccable production service in respect of the mission entrusted by the customer to “...non-stop production...”. It is thus necessary to be:

  • quick
  • precise
  • efficient
  • affordable

The Crew also deserves to be defined, consisting in:

The Crew is composed of the various personnel who perform management functions and specific assigned tasks. The composition thereof is determined by the type of workpiece, the work carried out on the workpiece and by the demands of the customer. The roles that comprise an m2 crew are generally:

  • Technical assistance
  • Chief engineer
  • Machinist
  • Apprentice
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operation phase.
operation phase.