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01/04 Your safety starts from our experience.
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Leaders in the railsafety sector.

One of the first companies active in supplying and installing Automatic Track Warning Systems (ATWS) in Italy

We design, install and manage track-warning devices for railway worksites on behalf of public train operators and major private companies. These systems are capable of detecting the transit of trains, in the widest variety of different layouts, and guarantee timely and appropriate individual and/or collective signaling.

Automatic Track Warning Systems (ATWS).

Spotting sensors, configured at an appropriate distance from the worksite, set off a series of optical and audible signals along the entire worksite. The all-clear sensors, meanwhile, deactivate the warning elements after the train has passed by. The many possible configuration options allow our clients to customize the system according to the characteristics of each site, and thus to take all relevant factors into account as early as the planning phase, such as the number of tracks, the direction and speed of the trains and the presence of switches or tunnels.

The aim of the planning stage is to produce documentation that allows for the defining of the system's configuration

During this phase the acquisition of design-input elements (input data), carried out by means of a fact-finding inspection, is very important.
The planning documentation supplies the different elements  for the following steps.

Installation of the system is carried out in accordance with a precise sequence that includes five phases

Preparation of the materials
Installation at the worksite
Internal testing (M2 S.r.l.)
Delivery of materials to the worksite
Training/information for employees at the worksite

Proper operation and efficient maintenance

During the course of worksite operations, there will be a person who is responsible for the proper operation and efficient maintenance of the ATWS that has been installed (the ATWS manager).

Virtual Safety Barriers

On construction sites, there are always danger areas that must be signaled or delimited for the safety of the workers. With SelectProtect we create a virtual safety zone or area with UWB radio technology. Once active, the workers can move in the worksite and will be warned by tags and anchors when they approach the delimited area. It is easy and fast to install the system, it can be used in all types of construction sites (not just railway) and it increases the safety level for the workers. Download the brochure for more information.

Virtual safety barriers

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