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Rua Brotas, 12 Loja A Bairro Sao Salvador 30881-290 – Belo Horizonte/MG
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We are m2

The m2 railway group

We are active in the railway infrastructure sector in Italy and abroad

m2 was formally established on 30 January 2004, and started business operations on 1 June 2004. We operate in the railway infrastructure maintenance sector, and our clientele consists exclusively of railway companies and the railway itself (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA).
The company’s legal and administrative headquarters is located in La Valle, within the Province of Bolzano. Our service company was the first one in Italy to offer protection of railway worksites through automated worksite security systems. We operate throughout the country, providing protection for railway worksites, and have succeeded in becoming the leading company within the sector at the national level.

After the first few years, having acquired so much experience in the field, m2 noticed that there was a great need for human resources in the railway and railway-equipment maintenance sector. As a result, m2 began to diversify its services, offering shipping companies their own technicians for the maintenance, repair, calibration and operation of machinery for railway maintenance. This sector has opened up various opportunities to m2 throughout Europe and the world. This was how a second area of business was born for m2: Technology.

Our philosophy is also to try and stay cutting edge. Innovation is critical, and has now become the obligation of every business, whether railway or otherwise. Our group is thus always looking for new opportunities.

From South Tyrol around the globe

The company’s legal and administrative headquarters is located in La Valle, in the province of Bolzano, a small town in the heart of the Dolomites near the Austrian border. This proximity to other European countries has had a positive influence on the company’s expansion and internationalization.

Group Growth Activities
Worksites 550
Countries 24
Employees 85
Experience 16 years
Expertises 3 sectors
Branches 4
Worksites 419 Safety
Worksites 112 On-Board
Worksites 21 Diagnostic

Philosophy, vision and mission

We are aware of the potential of our business and the markets in which we operate. m2 railgroup wants to be recognized as an active protagonist in the safety sector and as the best choice for armament firms for on-board services. For us, customer satisfaction is the most important type of feedback. The m2 brand must be synonymous with solutions for railway maintenance.

Our story

From worksite safety to the development of various maintenance and diagnostic solutions

The early years were characterized by the introduction of automatic worksite protection systems. From 2010 onwards, the company began to diversify, redefining its business objectives. In recent years, being characterized by technological innovation 4.0 has facilitated the development of various services together with our partners.

The importance of individuals in our company

For a service company, the recipe for success is having motivated people who fully espouse the company’s resolve. Together, they work with a smile even when faced with problems and difficulties. The m2 group is entirely grateful to all its employees who together form the necessary foundation for future sustainability and the achievement of objectives.

Group structure

With the internal and geographical expansion, m2 opened some branches in Italy and abroad.

m2 railgroup.

m2 railsafety.

m2 railtech.

m2 railservice germany.

m2 brasil.



Even if difficult and challenging at times, collaboration is definitely the right path to success, especially in a flexible and dynamic sector such as rail. m2 seeks to join forces and create a competitive and innovative network.

the group.
the group.