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Inspection stage.

Through non-destructive instruments, internally developed procedures and acquired know-how, the workpiece is diagnosed

Ordinary Maintenance is understood as a collection of scheduled up-keep activities. It must largely prevail over Extraordinary Maintenance, which is effectively the opposite. Only through Routine Maintenance weighted to the current state of the component do the economic benefits manifest.

Preventative Maintenance, rather, restores the normal degradation of a component and/or diminishes its wear.  This is defined by a person (for example, the manufacturer) or an entity (for example, through a regulation) prior to the component being put into operation. It forms an integral part of the maintenance plan, even if part thereof is replaced by predictive maintenance.

Wherever possible, Preventative Maintenance should eliminate the need for Preventive Maintenance. In fact, such operations objectively analyze, engineer and perform maintenance activities according to the current state. This requires a high degree of expertise and technical knowledge (diagnostic, monitoring, lifecycle, and so on).

Extraordinary Maintenance is always disruptive due to it’s foreseen nature. Hence why the pre-emptive measures seek to prevent the latter.

Checking for Spare Parts that could be used on the machine involves an assessment of the stock required in order to perform various maintenance operations during output.

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inspection phase.
inspection phase.