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03/04 Services for the diagnostics of the railroad track.
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Different services for the diagnostics of the railroad track.

An extensive network for a greater range of solutions

In its growth and diversification process, the company has developed several railway diagnostic services of late. The m2 began diagnostic services in 2011, when the first railway surveys were effectuated. In recent years, being in close contact with the railways and national and private rail operators has meant that the company has been able to analyze the various demands of the railways in relation to diagnostic services and has thus commenced constructing a network of partner companies to offer a range of technological solutions for maintenance, diagnostics, inspection, and so on. This division also intends to demonstrate the group’s interest in diversifying and keeping pace with technological developments.

Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing is also carried out In the railway sector by means of ultrasound systems mounted on the rolling stock, able to verify the integrity of the rails in motion (at speeds of some tens of kilometres/hour), capable of acquiring and analysing the dynamic phase and in real time, with the data relating to the presence of any defects and structural abnormalities of the rails.


This service is able to display the sections of railway directly on a computer or other internet-connected device without the need to install any software or hardware. Be onsite, from wherever you may be.

Track geometry monitoring

The safety of train operations largely depends on the correct track geometry. If the geometry changes, a slow speed point needs to be set up. On construction sites near railway tracks that can change this geometry, continuous track monitoring is required to check even the smallest movements and possibly act immediately with suitable measures. m2 offers a complete takeover of track monitoring during the construction period.

Railway switches

For safe rail traffic, each railway switch must be checked according to the specific regulations/procedures. During the inspection phase, all the data defined in a specific technical instruction is measured, in the manner and position indicated. Our team of qualified technicians carries out the measurements with the CAM - FELIX automated trolley or alternatively with manual tools.

Our business model is primarily that of consulting, engineering, system integration and managed services