Especially in the last 2 years, m2 focused on a new kind of service for railway maintenance machines, based on previous experience in this sector.

By operating with different companies in different countries (Turkey, Algeria, UAE, Poland, South America and others), we discovered a “general lack” of expert technicians on the machines. Furthermore, we worked on various machines that presented many technical problems, probably due to a wrong maintenance activity, or what is worse, due to no maintenance activities.

cimg3940Technical problems on the machines mean a stop in productivity and more costs to the owner. If the crew can not solve them, a technical intervention is needed and that implies a longer production stop.


The maintenance of each machine is a fundamental matter to guarantee long availability. To guarantee a high quality maintenance, it is important to follow a pre-stabilized schedule connected to an individual maintenance report for each machine. Furthermore, for a professional execution of the maintenance, a workshop is needed.
The On-Board Service consists in:


  • General inspection/check of the machines
  • Drawing up of machinery’s professional maintenance
  • Ordinary maintenance according to maintenance instruction
  • Operation/production with the machines
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports about the ongoing work
  • Generation and recommendation of a list of general spare parts needed on the machinery


The service is performed by our qualified technicians.

International experience, a high degree of flexibility and a young team are the main characteristics of our technical team.

In order to guarantee proper implementation of the service, our technicians follow an internal training course defined a priori based upon the knowledge that he or she possesses at the outset. The aim of the training is to support the technician / operator in his or her professional growth within the company.

Here you find a brief introduction into the On-Board Service and a brochure.

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